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Schools and parents have a great variety of educational software from which to choose. Often these choices are made with just information from a magazine ad or a television commercial. Sometimes excellent software from smaller companies isn't chosen because it isn't known.

The Process Improvement Models followed by the EPICENTER include evaluations of appropriate educational software. This software is separated into the following categories:


Computers and Technology

Financial and Business

Fine Arts

Foreign Language and ESOL

General Education

Health and Physical Education

History, Geography, and Social Studies

Language Arts


Mathematics Education


Music and Performing Arts

Professional Training

Psychology and Counseling

Science Education

Social Sciences (including Sex Education)

Special Education (Disabled and Gifted)

Descriptions of this software are being added to this Web site. Ordered by age range within category, the descriptions include an image of the product, the platforms (ie, Windows, Mac, etc.) on which it runs, the medium (ie, CDROM or diskettes), the cost, the manufacturer, a contact phone number, and a short description. There are also WWW hot links to the manufacturer's home page and to the manufacturer's page describing the specific product.

Care has been taken in the software descriptions to avoid "advertising adjectives" such as "wonderful" or "dazzling". It is the EPICENTER's intention that these pages should give teachers and parents information rather than sales pitches.

Please note that the EPICENTER does not sell any software product. For sales information, please contact the manufacturer.

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